Mike ShawMike Shaw grew up in Utah and Idaho.  At a young age he began spending his time exploring the outdoors.  He decided to take a camera along with him in order to show friends and family the places he had visited.  His love for landscape photography began when he realized that he could create art out of the pictures he was taking of his travels.

Mike worked as a bartender for many years at the Sun Valley Resort in Idaho.  He met his wife, Katie, while she was working at the resort during the Summer of 2007. They lived in Boise, Idaho until 2010 when Mike was deployed to Iraq with the Idaho Army National Guard.  Katie grew up in Eugene, Oregon and returned during Mike’s deployment in order to be closer to friends and family. Mike joined Katie in Eugene after his deployment and enlistment ended in the Fall of 2011.  Since then, Mike has been exploring the Pacific Northwest, and has been taking pictures along the way.


Photo by Nick Shipway

Photo by Nick Shipway

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